I Love Charlie Rose

I love Charlie Rose and everything he stands for in journalism and the act of great thoughtful journalism. He brings out the best in folks telling their side of the story. His show brings forth the smartest, thorough side of a story. Great job! #charlierose 


Ryan Adam Shares Melancholy Clip of ‘Blank Space’ Cover

Ryan Adam Shares Melancholy Clip of ‘Blank Space’ Cover | Flavorwire.

I too am hoping these will be released. Maybe I can hear him sing these in concert somewhere soon? I would take my kids seeing they are Taylor Swift fans.

On Colons, Cancer, and Courage

Sometimes you find yourself not alone in the fight. A wife’s story of courage On Colons, Cancer, and Courage. I am a stage IIIc colon cancer survivor, which was in my sigmoid colon and also included chemo and radiation. I find talking/writing about it helps.